Bill of Rights

The Civilian's Guide to Lawyers

How to Hire, Fire or Live Without a Lawyer

The Civilian's Guide to Lawyers is a series of publications to help civilians -- people like you -- deal with lawyers and the legal system. Beginning with hiring a lawyer and negotiating a reasonable fee agreement, through monitoring the lawyer's work and fees, with potential detours for billing disputes or termination. And, if you cannot find a good lawyer you can afford, The Civilian's Guide helps you cope by representing yourself.

The first book in the series is The Client Bill of Rights, which lists ten principles to define a healthy lawyer-client relationship. From treating the client with respect, to attention, efficiency, and a reasonable agreement with reasonable bills, lawyers should be earning the client's trust.

Our tools for clients will also include online videos to explain the legal system and give clients another way to understand what's going on.

The Civilian's Guides are published by LitWatch, Inc.

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Civilian's Guide to Lawyers

The Civilian's Guide to Lawyers is being published in 2011. The book will first appear in three electronic volumes for Kindle and Nook readers. The first volume, How to Hire a Lawyer, has been published on Kindle in March 2011 (47,000 words).

The Civilian's Guide to Lawyers

Visit Kindle to buy a copy ($9.90)

The second volume, How to Fire a Lawyer, should be published by April 2011. And the third volume, How to Live Without a Lawyer, should be out by May 2011.

Client Bill of Rights

The Client Bill of Rights has been published on Kindle. (7700 words)

Client Bill of Rights

Visit Kindle to buy a copy ($2.99)

Visit our Client Bill of Rights page for more information and links to useful websites.

    The Client Bill of Rights

    Clients are entitled to:

  • Respect
  • Control
  • Competence
  • Attention
  • Loyalty
  • The Truth
  • Efficiency
  • Budgets
  • A Fair Written Agreement
  • Reasonable Bills

Multimedia Projects

The Civilian's Guide to Lawyers will be more than books.

  • Online video courses for clients.
  • Forms.
  • Links to useful sites.
  • Book updates.
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